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Economic Consequences of the Peace Centenary Conference

The Centenary Conference on Keynes’s
Economic Consequences of the Peace

King’s College, Cambridge, September 9-10, 2019

Cambridge-INET is proud to announce a major conference on Keynes’s 1919 book. The book is celebrated as a brilliant piece of advocacy by one of the 20th century’s pre-eminent economists. But it is also an accurate prophecy of the con- sequences of a “Carthaginian peace,” as well as a plea for the type of global economic cooperation that later informed key aspects of reconstruction after World War II – including the Bretton Woods institutions (which Keynes helped to design) and the Marshall Plan. With its description of resurgent nationalism in Europe and the breakdown of pre-WWI international economic integration, the book has great resonance today, given growing nationalism, the fraying of traditional alliances, and attacks on the multilateral institutions that have supported economic and financial globalization.


The programme for the conference has been published. This programme is subject to change.


Scientific and Organising Committees

The conference will include an academic discussion of written contributions as well as a public event. The Scientific Committee of the conference consists of Patricia Clavin (Oxford), Giancarlo Corsetti (Cambridge), Maurice Obstfeld (Berkeley), and Adam Tooze (Columbia). The Organizing Committee consists of Gareth Austin, Giancarlo Corsetti and David Howarth (Cambridge), Michael Kumhof (Bank of England), Eugenio Gaiotti (Banca d’Italia), and Jesper Linde (Sveriges Riksbank).


Find out more on the conference by listening to this two-part podcast. Boni Sones interviews Maurice Obstfeld, University of California, and Giancarlo Corsetti and David Howarth from the University of Cambridge. This podcast was recorded in the Keynes’ Apartment at Kings College, University of Cambridge.





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Keynes' annoted Macmillan proof copy is preserved in the Marshall Libary and has been digitized and made available via the Cambridge University Digital Library.


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